Jeeps, ATV’s, and other Off-Road vehicles

Protect your LED light strips with the Vision Bright Tough Mount. The mount will form to the standard smooth curves and radius of most any design on Jeeps, ATV,s and all Off-Road vehicles. It will help protect your light strips from damage due to dust, mud and debris when driven through the roughest of off-road terrain, over rocks and boulders, down rough trails or the back creeks and rivers. when they get dirty or muddy just wash them off….

Vision Bright Tough Mount “a bright way to protect your LED light strips”.


Side-By-Sides…utility beds and trailers

The Mount is a product designed to protect LED light strips from damages that may occur do to the rugged outdoor environments. It is made from a durable marine grade plastic that can withstand the harshest of conditions. The mount will form to the standard smooth curves and radius of most any design on utility vehicles and trailers. It will protect your LED light strips when you need that extra lighting while doing the toughest of jobs.

A product proudly made in the USA.

14VBTMXT Thin Mount

145VBTMU Tough Mount

Rub Rail light systems for your boat

The Vision Bright Tough Mount that’s designed to fit the Rub rails on your boat are fitted into the rail with the leading edge to match the rubber inserts. Made using a durable Marine grade plastic.

They are Tough enough to withstand the everyday normal wear and use they can be subjected to from the occasional rubbing up against docks, trees stumps or timber at the back of coves without the worry of your LED light strips getting damaged.

Tips on installation

The Vision Bright Tough Mount Rub rail light systems give you that extra lighting when you need it…. Perfect for nighttime fishing or using them as accent illumination. Note: They are not coast guard approved for navigation. Always use your Coast Guard approved light pole and/or navigation lights for boats operating at night between sunset and sunrise . Check your local and state regulations for navigation light rules.

The Rub Rail Mounts currently offered are for aluminium Bass Boats Listed:

Ranger Tournament RT series and all other Ranger aluminium boat models with same aluminium rail extrusion.

Bass Tracker series and all other tracker boats with same aluminium rail extrusion.

Vision Bright Tough Mount for other boat Rub rail styles that are not listed will be offered as we receive more requests for a given design……. Please check back periodically or contact us if you are interested in a Rub rail light system for your boat.

For more information see; Custom design Rub rail light systems

Patent Pending