Vision Bright Tough Mounts with RGB light strips showing off the Full Force Lift.

Trucks - Undercarriage light systems and Bed rail Kits

The Mount is a product designed to protect LED light strips from damages that may occur do to the rugged outdoor environments. It is made from a durable marine grade plastic that can withstand the harshest conditions, such as moisture, direct sunlight and will not warp, rot, or corrode. The mount will form to the standard smooth curves and radius of most any design in Truck Beds or undercarriages. It will protect your light strip when loading and unloading the back of your truck. Excellent for lighting up your bed when you need that little bit of extra lighting. Perfect for work trucks.... Not to mention they look good!!!








If used for your undercarriage the light strips will be protected when driven through the roughest of off-road terrain or down the highway and when they get dirty just Simply wash them off and go again.


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Perfect for showing off that lift kit you installed. The Vision Bright Tough Mounts will do the job they are designed to do.... Protect and support your LED light strips. 

A product proudly made in the USA.

Work Trucks

The light strips that come with the Tough Mount is for 12vdc and is IP65 rated(waterproof).

No more sticking your light strips directly to the surface of your truck for them to fall off after the adhesive comes loose..

                “The Bright Way to Protect Your LED Light Strips”


Bed lighting that is protected

Bed lighting that is protected


Not only do the VBTM protect your LED light strips, the clear white light gives you plenty of lighting if you happen to have trouble on the highway at night.

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