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Fits Head of Humminbird 360





LMPWDesigns offers our product called the Vision Bright Tough Mount® designed to protect LED light strips.

Designed to protect your LED light strips from damages due to the rugged environments we put them through on our Boats, Golf Carts, Side-By-Sides, ATV’s, Trucks, RV’s and More.......Excellent for extra lighting for remote or storage areas using 12VDC. No more dealing with your LED light strips falling or coming off because the self-adhesive backing comes loose. The Vision Bright Tough Will do the job it was designed to do..... protect and support your LED light strips.

The VBTMount is made from a high quality marine grade plastic that makes it a very durable and a long-lasting product. Whether you’re wanting some really cool accent or adding the LED light strips for additional lighting the VBTMount is perfect for the job. The advantage for using the Vision Bright Tough Mount ®  is if a strip fails or burns out, simply remove it from the mount and replace it. Here at LMPWDesigns we don't specialize on the light strip, We focus on our VBTMount offering custom cut designs for our Universal mount that works great for many other applications from Boat decks, Truck undercarriage's, Off-road vehicles, Trailers, RV's, Docks, Patios to storage buildings and more.

The VBTMounts in our complete light system kits are made to except the IP65, 3528 LED light strip as a standard and comes with all the items needed for the ease of installation(see product descriptions). The LED Light Strips supplied are 12 Volt DC and comes with  22ga wire. wires are connected to both ends of the strip for making connecting them in series easier and have 2 ply self-sealing heat shrink to seal the ends. We also offer our Mount without LED light strips for the one who prefers to use their own brand choices and/or style of LED strips, so by offering Mounts that also excepts the IP65, 5050 and IP67 with a thickness up to 1/4" gives our customers options to choose from.

Note: For the electrical wiring it is recommended to Solder all wire connections and use self-sealing heat shrink tubing for a better waterproof seal.    







The Bright Way to Protect Your LED Light Strips”


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