VBTMount- Helpful Tips 1

The 12VDC LED light strip

Repairing LED Light Strips (Installing or replacing wire Leads that have come off)

  1. Check copper contacts at end of strip (if missing)
  2. Cut back one (1) contact link, usually about an inch (it does make the strip shorter, but it is still usable if desired)
  3. Remove silicone from the end of the LED strip, exposing copper contacts (be careful not to cut through or cutoff contacts)
  4. Identify the Positive (+) and Negative (-) side of the strips copper contacts
  5. Prep contacts (clean and use a small amount of flux and solder on each contact) next
  6. Prep wire leads before soldering (strip insulation about ¼” then use flux on wire ends, pre-solder wire )
  7. Solder leads onto strips (Red on Positive and Black on Negative) Remember LED light strips are polarity sensitive and have to be correct to illuminate or light up.
  8. Test the strip to make sure it lights up (9 volt battery works perfect for this test)
  9. Slip heat shrink tubing over the contacts and leads (2ply self-adhesive heat shrink tubing preferred)
  10. Use heat gun to shrink and seal ends (make sure the heat shrink tubing is long enough to properly seal the strip and leads)

The strip is ready for use
Hint: Always use Flux when soldering

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